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Golden Turmeric Latte ~ Haldi Doodh

A powerful mood uplifter, a soothing bedtime beverage, ‘Haldi Doodh’ is extremely therapeutic & made even more potent with our curcumin~heavy hill Lakadong ‘Heirloom’ Turmeric and paired with our bold & citrusy Muziris ‘Bio~diverse Estate’ Black Pepper.

 ~ Gather Your Ingredients ~

1 cup Milk (Can replace with Almond Milk)
1&1/2 tsp Lakadong Turmeric [Add to cart]
1/8 tsp (pinch) of Muziris Black Pepper (crushed or finely ground as preferred) [Add to cart]
1 tsp Ghee
1 tsp Kandy Cinnamon (finely ground) [Add to cart]
Pinch of Rhun Nutmeg (grated) (optional) [Add to cart]
Few strands of Saffron (optional)
1 slice of Fresh ginger

~ Preparation Instructions ~

1. Warm milk in a saucepan. 

2. Add all the ingredients in to the milk except the Ghee, then stir until all mixed well together. Simmer in low-heat until hot for about 5-10 mins.

3. Strain the milk over a fine-mesh sieve & discard the solids.  

4. Stir a teaspoon of Ghee in the prepared milk & voila, your perfect cup of Haldi Doodh is ready.

5. If you prefer your milk sweet, you may add honey for sweetness as desired.


~ Why So Potent ~

Black Pepper & Ghee: The Piperine in Black Pepper helps absorb Curcumin in Turmeric, and so does Ghee. Curcumin is fat soluble & adding a healthy source of fat aides with the absorption and bio-availability.

Nutmeg acts as a natural sleep-aid, while Ginger as a digestive-aid.

Sip hot & relax!


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