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'A Whisper of Cardamom' & Sweet Spices

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Multi-award winning author Eleanor Ford's latest cookbook 'A Whisper Of Cardamom' is filled with sweetly spiced recipes that you will fall in love with. 

Eleanor has curated this gift bundle including a copy of the book along with three of her favourite spices to use in the recipes. There is heady green cardamom, the most fragrant of spices. Kandy Heirloom Cinnamon sticks are invaluable for bakers, bringing sweetness and warmth to bakes. And there is a whole chapter in the book on vanilla which will guide you to extracting the full spicy, intriguing flavour of the beans to the fullest. 

This special bundle contains 1 unit of each:

1. 1 copy of 'A Whisper Of Cardamom: Sweetly spiced recipes to fall in love with' by Eleanor Ford - Hardcover (Publisher Murdoch Books)
2. 1 jar of Food of Gods' Chola Cardamom
3. 1 jar of Food of Gods' Andapa Vanilla Beans
4. 1 jar of Food of Gods' Kandy Heirloom Cinnamon

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An Excerpt From The Book

~ Eleanor Ford

"In sweet cookery, spice can provide a delicate fragrance, hard to put your finger on but one that gives backbone to a dish. It can balance tartness and bring sweetness so you can tone down the sugar. Flavours can be enhanced by a thoughtful addition from the spice cupboard, making chocolate more chocolaty and fruit taste more of itself.

Added not in shouts but in whispers, an intrigue of spice deepens allure.

You can’t enjoy spices in isolation, they need foods to bounce off, so cooking with them is an art of creating relationships."

Recipes From The Book


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