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Lakadong Heirloom Turmeric 2023 Harvest: Pre-order Now

Zoom lakadong ‘heirloom’ turmeric
Zoom 拉卡东“传家宝”姜黄


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拉卡东姜黄是一种传家宝品种,姜黄素含量为 8%,而其他姜黄品种的平均含量为 2-3%。您肯定希望在您的日常膳食中使用它,因为它具有高度的抗炎、抗菌、抗氧化特性。 烹制美味的咖喱、烤甜点或拌入一杯热牛奶。药用如此强效,您一定会喜欢我们特制的山姜黄。

January 2023

Store away from direct heat & sunlight. Keep the jar airtight to maintain freshness & flavour.

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ORIGIN: Mulieh, West Jaintia Hills, India


A small women farmer community in Mulieh village & its surrounds traditionally grows & hand processes the world’s most medicinal turmeric variety. Lakadong turmeric stands out in potency, colour & flavour among the numerous turmeric varieties that are grown in India. Typical to every farm in the village, a diverse variety of pumpkin & chayotes are nurtured alongside lakadong turmeric plants. Khasi mandarins & maize are scattered across the farm, while pomelos and tamarillo trees are grown on the periphery. Farmyard manure is added to the already fertile mountain soil of West Jaintia Hills that receives abundant rainfall.


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