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我们的生可可粒只是在热带阳光下晒干的可可豆碎片。 它是生的——意思是未加工的,充满可可脂!它是浓郁的黄油味,带有苦涩和泥土的味道。 


The cocoa trees bears fruit throughout the year, therefore, harvests are done as and when there are enough matured fruits on the tree. Thanks to a natural water bed that flows underneath the estate!

Store away from direct heat & sunlight. Keep the jar airtight to maintain freshness & flavour.




Forastero & Criollo varieties of cocoa trees grow naturally under a regenerative cocoa grove alongside mango & banana trees, coconut palms & several indigenous trees like Odum, Ofram provides shade at the top tier. A natural water-bed flows underneath the 60-acre ancestral farm and irrigates the cacao trees. By using decomposed cow dung to decomposed cocoa husk and leaf litter, our partner farm commits to soil health to produce nutrient dense & flavour forward cacao.

Nutrient Dense, Sun Dried, Raw Cacao Nibs

The traditional heap fermentation method, where the cocoa beans are wrapped with banana or plantain leaves and left to be fermented for a few days, along with the sun drying of the fermented beans gives the cocoa beans its complex flavour. Once dried, the beans are simply crushed into nibs, dehusked and sorted by hands. With a high cocoa butter content, it is the purest form of cacao that one can consume! Not roasted, not processed.

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