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Mung Dal Barfi ft Chola Cardamom

Mung Dal Barfi ft Chola Cardamom

Nothing speaks of festivities than soft, melt in your mouth mung dal barfis made with yellow mung lentils & equal parts ghee and sugar. From the aromas of cardamom to the shimmering edible silver sheets, it is a dessert from the Indian Subcontinent that forms part of celebrations and festivities.


~ Gather Your Ingredients ~

250 g Mung Dal
200 g Ghee
150 g Khoya
6 Chola Cardamom pods [Add to cart]
200 g Sugar
10 Pistachios for garnish
10 Almonds for garnish
Vark ~ Edible silver sheet for garnish (optional) 
*Makes 20-25 barfis appx

~ Preparation Instructions ~

1. Rinse the mung dal and soak for at least 2 hours (5-6 hours if possible) in cold water.

2. Sieve & then coarse grind the mung dal in a grinder.

3. Heat a pan, dry toast the mung dal in low heat for a few minutes, then add 150 grams ghee to the mung dal and continue to toast until golden brown.

4. Add the remaining ghee and keep stirring continuously.

5. Meanwhile, in a separate pan add 100 ml water to 200 g sugar, and keep stirring continuously until slightly sticky.

6. Add the mung dal into the sugar syrup, add freshly ground cardamom and keep stirring until it leaves off the sides of the pan without sticking.

7. Remove and transfer in to a plate and let it settle.

8. Garnish with pistachios and almonds. decorate with silver sheet. The sheets are extremely delicate and should be applied gently.

9. Once cooled, cut into diamond-shaped pieces.

Mung Dal Barfi stays well for about 15 days, refrigeration is not required.



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