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ORIGIN: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka


Naturally grown on the slopes of a mountainous hamlet in Ratnapura district in Sri Lanka alongside indigenous Thæmbili. Tender barks are harvested early morning, the outer bark is gently scraped, hand-peeled & elegantly rolled ~ nothing less than a piece of art we’d say ~ by skilled Sinhalese peelers using age-old traditions that have been passed on since generations. The quills are shade dried naturally the traditional way.

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质地细长而脆,味道精致而微妙。我们的传家宝 阿尔巴肉桂是一种罕见的真肉桂等级,仅使用肉桂或真肉桂树的幼嫩内皮制成。 


October 2021

Our true cinnamon quills can be easily broken into pieces with your hand. If the recipe calls for cinnamon powder, simple put small pieces in a grinder. You may also use the entire quill to infuse in any dish or break into smaller fragments to imbue its fragrance & aroma in hot beverages, curries et al.

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