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Apple Cinnamon Tart

Apple Cinnamon Tart

When there are no rules to follow in the kitchen and when instinct takes over, one experiences a new discovery every time. The amusing story of the Tatin sisters is a perfect example of how such discoveries are at the heart of a good cuisine. This non-caramelised apple tart recipe is unlike the French Classic Tarte Tatin where we let our Kandy ‘Heirloom’ Cinnamon & the apples do the wonders - A no sugar recipe!  

 ~ Gather Your Ingredients ~

2 cups All Purpose Flour

1/2 cup Whole-wheat Flour
1 tsp Salt 
4 tbsp Unsalted Butter
2 Kandy ‘Heirloom’ Cinnamon quill [Add to cart]
1 cup Ice-cold Water
4 Granny Smith Apples

~ Preparation Instructions ~

1. Slice the apples in the desired thickness and keep it aside.  

2. To prepare the dough, sift the all-purpose and the whole wheat flour in a mixing bowl, add salt and mix the dry ingredients together. Then add the butter and mix the dough until crumbly. Add ice-cold water gradually as you knead the dough together. 

3. While you pre-heat the oven, roll the dough and spread on to the tart tin (12-inch tin used here). Fit the dough around the tin, press the sides gently and cut out the extras on the top. Place the sliced apples and layer them in a circular form (or in any form as you please).   

4. Take 2 Cinnamon quill, break into small pieces and grind it in a spice mill or in a grinder. Sprinkle the freshly powdered cinnamon on the tart.  

5. Put it in the oven at 250°C and bake for 40 mins.  

6. Let it cool & slice it as you please!

We personally love to pair a warm slice of tart with a scoop of ice-cream or crème fraîche. Bon Appétit!


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