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Poached Pears In Spiced Wine With Cinnamon Cream

Poached Pears In Spiced Wine With Cinnamon Cream

Pears have long been an elegant still life muse for artists. For the discerning food lovers, pears are a perfect muse for poaching in a syrup full of wine, spices & zests. They take on the flavours beautifully well and are so light and refreshing. Crimson with red wine and fragrant with spices, this is a stunner of a desert that you can enjoy without moderation.

 ~ Gather Your Ingredients ~

5 Conference Pears
1 bottle of Red Wine (of your choice)
1 Andapa ‘Organic’ Vanilla Bean [Add to cart]
Kandy ‘Heirloom’ Cinnamon quill [Add to cart]
8 Ternate ‘Hand~picked’ Cloves [Add to cart]
1 Fresh orange
Sugar/Honey or any other sweetener
Whipped Cream
1 Kandy ‘Heirloom’ Cinnamon quill [Add to cart]

~ Preparation Instructions ~

1. Choose your pears well. You wouldn’t want them to be too ripe, as the pears soften while poaching. Peel from top to bottom. Slice the bottom a little if serving whole, so it sits pretty on the plate.

2. You can add any red wine, including the open bottle left over from your latest dinner party. Add the spices to the red wine in a saucepan ~ slice the vanilla bean into half and add it to the wine, break the cinnamon quills into small pieces & add the cloves. Squeeze the orange juice and add sugar or honey as desired.

3. Let the spiced wine come to a simmer over low to medium heat and allow the spices to infuse. Then add the pears and let it infuse in the syrup for about 30 minutes, or until soft, but not mushy.

4. Remove the pears and set aside. Strain the wine and discard the spices and orange slices. Continue to boil the syrup briefly to concentrate its taste and thicken it slightly.

5. Break a cinnamon quill and grind in a mixer for a smooth powder. Add the sugar and powdered cinnamon to heavy whipping cream and whisk together until stiff peaks form.

Serve it sliced or whole. Pour over some spiced wine syrup and serve hot with a dollop of cinnamon cream on the side or serve it cold as per your liking. Let the conversations flow around the magic of finest spices and flavours of terroir!


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