ORIGIN: Mulieh, West Jaintia Hills, India


A small women community in a tiny village named ‘Mulieh’ in India’s Jaintia Hills, grows the world’s most medicinal variety of turmeric. Abundant rainfall, moist climate & rich mountain soil makes the Lakadong variety extremely potent, second to no other terroir. Every household in the Mulieh village grows turmeric, alongside Khasi Mandarins, ginger & pumpkin trees.

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Lakadong ‘Heirloom’ Turmeric

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Lakadong turmeric is a heritage variety with 8% curcumin content vs an average of 2-3% found in other turmeric varieties. You would want to use this for treating specific medical concerns for its ultra-high curcumin and high anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties. This is literally gold standard, so a few teaspoons in your everyday meals will work wonders. Cook delightful curries, bake desserts, stir into a cup of hot milk or apply it on your face for glowing skin. 

January 2022

Store away from direct heat & sunlight. Keep the jar airtight to maintain freshness & flavour.

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