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Championing Traditional Agricultural Practices & Biodiversity Conservation🌿

We couldn’t have built a sustainable supply chain by merely partnering with bio-certified farms, but by supporting both indigenous communities who are practicing traditional farming in nondescript villages, as well as by working with visionary agriculturalists who are relentlessly pursuing regenerative farming and putting flavour & most importantly nutrition above yield. We focus on indigenous food origins in order to appreciate natural terroir over an introduced terroir as much as and where possible. We let our farm partners have the bargaining power to decide the value of their produce. This is not only fair or equitable, but is also a way of empowering them so they are able to continue their painstaking efforts towards traditional farming. We value their ancestral knowhow and the tireless tending that goes into bringing some of the finest and freshest single-estate spices to the Food of Gods community.

Love & good health

Prerna Baruah, Founder

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Our Andapa Vanilla Beans are from a bio-certified family farm in Andapa, Madagascar. 4 generations of ancestral wisdom along with the intricate slow-curing process & conditioning makes the vanilla beans extraordinary & full of flavour.

Dylan, our farm partner, shadowed his father since he was fifteen and continues to promote sustainable & ethical practices in the otherwise murky trade of the world’s second-most expensive spice.

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Our Lakadong ‘Heirloom’ Turmeric is absolutely gold standard with ultra-high curcumin content ranging between 7-9%. It is grown by a women community of small-holder farmers led by Trinity Saioo in a remote village in the state of Meghalaya in India. Ms Trinity has been honoured with the prestigious Padma Sri in 2020 for discovering this Turmeric variety. Their produce needs a wider market and we are proud to bring Lakadong Turmeric to the West African market & beyond.

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The farm that grows our Kandy ‘Heirloom’ Cinnamon sits atop a mountainous village in Sri Lanka & is one of a kind. As you look a few acres farther, the evergreen cinnamon trees merges with forest land & as you walk past them and take a stroll around its natural periphery, flowing streams gushing through its rocky terrain will take your breadth away. It is a magical piece of land, and we are so lucky to be sourcing the finest quills for you that are so dearly hand-crafted by our extremely skilled Sinhalese craftsmen & women.

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