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Ternate Cloves Infused Fresh Red Grapes Sharbat

This red grape sharbat is refreshing & wildly aromatic with the overnight infusion of cloves. You can make the syrup beforehand to allow the cloves to release its aroma & pour it over ice & soda water. 

 ~ Gather Your Ingredients ~

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200 g Fresh Red Grapes (varietal used: Tawny, Red)
2 tbsp Honey (or any sweetener as desired)
250 ml water
Soda water
Few cubes of ice
*(serves 2)

~ Preparation Instructions ~

1. To make the grape syrup, add the sliced red grapes in a pan, add water, honey & cloves. Stirring occasionally, simmer over medium heat until the grapes are soft & the syrup begins to thicken slightly.

2. Allow the syrup to cool to room temperature & then refrigerate overnight or for at least an hour to allow the cloves to infuse in to the syrup . Strain the syrup & discard the solids when ready to pour for the drink.

3. Prepare a glass with ice cubes. Half fill with soda water & add the clove infused grape syrup. The sharbat is ready in no time & looks drop-dead gorgeous.


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