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Food of Gods vanilla pods
Food of Gods Vanilla Pods
Food of Gods Vanilla beans


Andapa Vanilla Beans

Our Andapa Vanilla beans are luxuriously moist ~ a result of over 75 years of heritage, knowledge & expertise. We carefully source fully ripened vanilla beans that are late harvested ~ i.e. left to mature on the vine for an extra two weeks before being hand-picked. This adds an extra layer of complexity & aroma & will delight professional chefs, home cooks and bakers.

Cut the bean open lengthwise & scrape the seeds using a pairing knife. Add the seeds or vanilla caviar directly to poached fruits or compôtes, cake & cookie batters, puddings, ice creams, sauces and marinades for savoury dishes. The scraped-out bean can then be used to flavour a jar of sugar or make vanilla extract that no kitchen should be without. We love a tablespoon of the extract on our cocktails.

September 2023

Vanilla beans can dry out and lose its aroma if exposed to moisture and heat. The glass bottle allows you to store your beans in it after every use, only make sure to keep the bottle airtight.

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Vine Ripened & Slow Cured

The vanilla beans are late harvested only when fully ripened on the vine. The intricate & laborious process of hand pollinating each and every blossom of the ‘Vanilla Planifolia’ plant has kept the Randriamihaja family on their toes for 4 generations.

After the green beans are harvested, it takes up to 4 months to complete the traditional, slow-fermentation process - from sorting the green beans, washing, blanching, sweating, sun-drying, slow-drying under shade to finally conditioning the beans by experienced hands.

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