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Food of Gods Cinnamon
Food of Gods Cinnamon
Food of Gods Cinnamon


Kandy ‘Heirloom’ Cinnamon

Slender & brittle in texture, sophisticated & subtle in taste. Tender barks of the Cinnamomum Verum or True Cinnamon tree are gently scraped & peeled, then neatly rolled and shade dried. 

Flavour your cocktails for added sophistication or infuse in tea for detox & healing. Sprinkle over Apple tarts, pair cinnamon with nutmeg in your French toasts or cook aromatic curries. Our Kandy Heirloom Cinnamon quills are for discerning home cooks, chefs & lovers of gastronomy. Get this big jar of flavour and you will never turn back to Cassia.

June 2023

Our true cinnamon quills can be easily broken into pieces with your hand. If the recipe calls for cinnamon powder, simple put small pieces in a grinder. You may also use the entire quill to infuse in any dish or break into smaller fragments to imbue its fragrance & aroma in hot beverages, curries et al.

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Shade-Dried & Hand-Rolled

The farm sits atop a mountainous hamlet in Ratnapura District, undisturbed & pristine.
As you look farther, the sight of lush & evergreen True Cinnamon trees merges with forest land, with indigenous King Coconut trees (known as Thæmbili) being the only obstruction to the eye. From a distant, the synchronised movements of skilled artisans scraping & peeling delicate cinnamon barks sound like a symphony. Tender barks are harvested early morning, the outer bark is gently scraped, hand-peeled & elegantly rolled into quills ~ nothing less than a piece of art we’d say ~ by craftsmen & women using age-old traditions that have been passed on for generations. The quills are slow dried under the shade, naturally.

The Making of Kandy Heirloom Cinnamon


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