Zoom muziris ‘bio-diverse estate’ black pepper
Zoom muziris ‘bio-diverse estate’ black pepper


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大胆、强烈 带有柑橘香调和无花果的味道。来自 Kerehaklu 的胡椒藤在咖啡种植园中可持续生长的遮荫树上繁殖 旁边还有柚子、柠檬、菠萝蜜、芒果、鳄梨,甚至还有 400 年历史的无花果树。 非常适合用于酱汁和烤肉,或新鲜磨碎并洒在任何菜肴上。

April 2021

Store away from direct heat & sunlight. Keep the jar airtight to maintain freshness & flavour.


ORIGIN: Chikmagalur, India


We have sourced the best of the bunch from a 60-year-old family~run forested estate tucked away in Chikmagalur ~ within India’s Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 4th-generation coffee enthusiast & biologist, Ajoy Thipaiah, has devoted his adult life to conservation of the impressive 270 acre estate & his son, Pranoy, is devoting his time, energy & soul into studying & nurturing the vast diversity of flora & funga that makes their land ecologically unique. Porcupines often make unwanted visits & leaves after destructing the tender black pepper foliage. But such sights are a normal in a bio-diverse food forest, where also cluster figs, jackfruits, citrus trees, pomelos, mulberries along with hundreds of funga make merry together. Everyone is being monitored by the big brothers by the way - the Elephants, who passes by for a night-time patrol.

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