ORIGIN: Siau Island, Indonesia


Indonesia is the original home to the Nutmeg tree. Grown on the fertile soils of the tiny Siau Island where the volcanic ashes of Mount Karangetang ~ a highly active volcano that is constantly spewing hot lava ~ produces rich soil and the gaseous emissions act as natural pesticides to nutmeg trees. Despite the constant threat of a volcanic eruption, the indigenous farming community in this remote island considers it rather a blessing in disguise.

Zoom rhun ‘sundried’ nutmeg
Zoom rhun ‘sundried’ nutmeg

Rhun 'Günde Kurutulmuş' Küçük Hindistan Cevizi

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Kabuklu Siau hindistan cevizi en belirgin tada sahiptir ~ hem tatlı hem de tuzlu yemekler için mükemmeldir. Graten ve etli böreklerin üzerine rendeleyin, sıcak içecekleri süsleyin veya Ras el hanout, Garam Masala, Kabaklı turta baharatı gibi kendi baharat karışımlarınızı yapın.

February 2022

Our Nutmeg comes enclosed in its natural shell to maintain freshness & flavour. It can be easily cracked opened with the help of a nutcracker or simply with the back of your knife. Break open only when you are ready to use.


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