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Zoom Vanilla Beans Madagascar
Zoom Organic Vanilla Beans

Andapa ‘Organic’ Vanilla Beans

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Rich & creamy notes, just as Madagascar Vanilla Beans are known for. But not always. We carefully source fully ripened vanilla beans that are late harvested & skilfully cured for the most delicate yet complex aroma. Slit the bean open & scrape the seeds using a pairing knife. Add the seeds directly to poached fruits or compôtes, cake & cookies batters, puddings, sauces and marinades for savoury dishes. The scraped-out bean can then be used to flavour a jar of sugar or infuse in Vodka or Rum to make vanilla extract that no kitchen should be without.

The intricate & laborious process of hand pollinating each and every blossom of the ‘Vanilla Planifolia’ has kept the Randriamihaja family on their toes for 3 generations. The family’s ancestral know~how, right from harvesting to curing, gives the vanilla beans its beautifully complex flavour profile.

In rural Madagascar, where man and ox~powered ploughs & carts are a common sight, regenerative farming has been in practise since antiquity.

September 2021

The vanilla beans are late harvested only when fully ripened on the vine. It takes up to 4 months to complete the post-harvesting processes that are extremely laborious and nothing less than a work of art - from blanching, sweating, drying to sorting. They are fruits of labour & sweat, love & dedication.

Storage & Handling Guide

Vanilla Beans can dry out and lose its aroma if exposed to moisture and heat. Please keep the beans airtight and away from sunlight.

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