Zoom rhun ‘sundried’ nutmeg
Zoom rhun ‘sundried’ nutmeg

رون "Sundried" جوزة الطيب

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جوزة الطيب في قشرة سياو لها النكهة الأكثر وضوحا ~ مثالية للأطباق الحلوة والمالحة. قم ببشر الجراتين وفطائر اللحم ، وزين المشروبات الساخنة أو اصنع خلطات التوابل الخاصة بك مثل رأس الحنوت وغارام ماسالا وتوابل فطيرة اليقطين.

February 2022

Our Nutmeg comes enclosed in its natural shell to maintain freshness & flavour. It can be easily cracked opened with the help of a nutcracker or simply with the back of your knife. Break open only when you are ready to use.


ORIGIN: Siau Island, Indonesia


Indonesia is the original home to the Nutmeg tree. Grown on the fertile soils of the tiny Siau Island where the volcanic ashes of Mount Karangetang ~ a highly active volcano that is constantly spewing hot lava ~ produces rich soil and the gaseous emissions act as natural pesticides to nutmeg trees. Despite the constant threat of a volcanic eruption, the indigenous farming community in this remote island considers it rather a blessing in disguise.

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